whatever direction the crowd is going

go the opposite direction

do you think most people are happy with

their life

do you think most people have reached

their highest potential

more importantly do you want to be like

most people

have a look around think about the

people you know

are they happy are they fulfilled

do you want the results they had

or do you want more

do you want to be different

it's all about mentality i can't live

with the mentality of the majority

if i want to be like the minority my


my mentality must be as strong as the


i had to possess the mentality of a


what does it mean to be a mentality


it means your mentality is bigger


than your challenges it means your


is stronger than your setbacks it means


you can overcome anything when you

believe in yourself

believe in yourself you've overcome a


to get here and you will overcome

anything else

that stands in your path

there's only two mentalities in this


the excuse makers and the result


you have to look at yourself in the

mirror and ask yourself

am i really giving my all am i settling

for a little life

where am i rising and pushing for my

best life

am i a minnow or a giant am i stepping

into my courage or cowering in fear

am i taking risks or playing for safety

giants stand tall and they go after what

they want

mentality is everything no one

can take it from you you could lose


but with the strong mentality you will

build again

you have to become a mentality

giant they might knock you down

but with a strong mentality you will

rise again you will

rise again

you have to be built like iron nothing

can destroy iron

but its own rust cane you are the same

as i

nothing can destroy you but your own

mind came

event can destroy you no problem can end


but if you allow your mentality to

weaken anything

can build that mentality

step into the darkness with courage and

face your fears

what are you going to do next time life

knocks you on your ass

get up rise up like a giant

never settle for less than you truly



with the right mentality you can survive


with the right mentality you can conquer


with the right mentality you can master


that's the problem with most people

today their mentality is weak

that's why they don't have the life they

want it's not because of the economy

it's because they spend more time on the

tv set

than they do on their mindset what do

you expect

if you're consuming garbage sooner or


your results are going to resemble


feed your mind with something bad

winners don't get caught up in garbage

they are clean of distractions

focus on what you want commit to it

like it is life and death and don't you

dare give up when things get hard

that's where you strengthen your


in hard times and struggle

push through every hard moment in your


and you will be rewarded with character


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