could there be anything worse than going

through life without any direction

without any passion without purpose

without vision

decide what you're going to do decide

who you are going to be write it down

and do whatever it takes to make it come


that is your vision

that is your purpose

your vision gives you reason

reason to get out of bed every morning

reason to grind

reason to do what everyone else is

unwilling to do

no successful human has ever reached

any great heights without having a clear

vision of their future

back your vision with a relentless

burning desire

to achieve at all costs

your vision must be strong powerful

and make you feel completely


if your vision is in your comfort zone

that is not your future

no fulfilled life is live in a comfort


push yourself push yourself to live

the life you want to live no shortcuts

no cop-outs you think big

you dream big and you get big

your vision should be something you love

to do

don't chase the money do what you love

and the money will chase

you it's a universal law

add value get rewarded don't ask

where the money will come from ask


how you can add value to the lives of


make sure you add that value

and money will flow in your life so fast

you won't know what to do

it is about time you may think that

turn your vision into reality you

deserve it

never settle never accept anything else

you gotta believe you are here for a


why are you here don't wait until the end

to realize you never did what you wanted  to do

don't wait until it's too late to

understand life is short

and you only get one shot to make it

take risks listen to your heart trust

your vision

never forget you can have be and do

anything you are a powerful



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