if you're complaining about why you

haven't achieved your goals yet

the first problem is just that you

complain too much

if you're not willing to work for it

don't complain about not having

if you don't know why you haven't

achieved anything great in your life yet

let me tell you why this is why you

don't succeed

number one you think about what it's

going to cost more than what it's worth

is your dream worth the price you must

pay to get it

and my let's say successful people don't

negotiate price

they negotiate worth is your dream worth

the price

you must pay to get it the sacrifice

the long days the early mornings

in the late nights the lonely roads the

effort the failures

the embarrassment is the end result

worth the pain

most people count the cost but are never

willing to pay the price

successful people pay up front and they

are paid back with interest

in the future don't count the cost of

your dreams

understand what it's worth and pay any

price to get it

number two you point the finger outwards

but nevertheless

if you want to see the person

responsible for all your failures in


look in the mirror the good news is

you won't have to move to see the person

who is responsible

for all your achievements take

responsibility for everything that shows

up in your life

the wins the losses the blessings the


own them all financial crisis

destroy your business own it learn from


grow from it six months of your savings

wiped out

why didn't you have six years work learn

from it

grow from it and prove from it

partner took everything in a nasty

breakup cuz you had picked a better



it's easy to blame everyone and

everything for our failures isn't it

that means we don't have to do anything

to change

blame it gets you off the hook but it

will never get you the life you dream of

only responsibility will do that take

that responsibility

number three your word means nothing

you say you're going to do something do

it if you don't

you will lose respect from two people

first the person you gave your word to

but more importantly yourself every time

you go against your word

you lose integrity and respect for


be someone who follows through with

their world if you can't get something

done on time

be honest and open about it people

respect honesty

over everything if you have no


of seeing someone again tell them if

you're struggling at work

tell someone be one of the rare few

who are real enough with themselves and


that is what builds respect and powerful


with others and within yourself

number four you live for other people's


not your own purpose most people do just

about everything in their life

thinking about what other people think

of them

they pick a job that they think other


will think is a great job they pick a


that they think other people would think

is a great partner

they do everything based on what they

think other people will think

other people what about you

you cannot be successful if you are


your life for other people's approval

this is not someone else's life this is


and you can never live fully and reach

your true potential

if you are afraid pick everything in


that you want follow your passions

not your parents but what you think

looks good to your circle

your passion change things that are


to you it will make working on it far


it will make quitting impossible

number five you are obsessed with money

but not your purpose the great irony is

most unsuccessful people

think that successful people are

obsessed with money but successful


rarely have a stress overload

unsuccessful people do

successful people don't gamble to embed

or play the lottery

unsuccessful people do no successful


is obsessed with money they obsess with

adding value

with creating something special with


and putting the limits their focus is

rarely ever on financial reward

but with personal pride and what they're


chase the money alone and you will be

alone chasing it forever

chase your purpose and the money and

fulfillment will chase you

don't get distracted by signing objects

chase meaning and purpose instead

if you think you've been working hard

and haven't made it yet work hard

work smart find another way

there's always a way


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