i came across this image and story the

other day

i had to share with you all the image as

you can see

it's of a crow sitting on the back of an


the crow is biting the eagle as it's

flying high in the sky

the story says the only bird that will

dare pick an eagle

is the crow the crow sits on the eagle's


and bites his name now listen to this

the eagle does not respond or fight with

the crow

it simply opens up his wings and begins

to rise higher

and higher in the sky the higher the

eagle flies

the harder it is for the crow to breathe

and then

due to lack of oxygen the crow falls


and the ego is free what's the more of

the story

stop wasting your time with the crows of


the crow represents all the challenges

the crow represents so many things

in your life some people that should not

be in your

critics opinions distractions all the


of life everything that is pecking at


disturbing and challenging you you can

choose to fight

everything wasting your precious energy

and getting nowhere

or you can soar higher like the eagle

and watch all of your challenges

fade away when people criticize you

go higher when life challenges you

go higher when there seems to be endless


pecking at you go higher you go higher

by getting better you go higher by doing

that work on you

learning more so you can be more working


and working smart so you can respond


then when the crows of life appear they

won't stay around for them

because they will not be able to breathe

at your level

most challenges disappear when you go


problems can only disturb you when

you're not good enough

to handle them when you improve your

life improves

when you approve your response to every


life throws at you is stronger and so it

makes sense

that your life will be strong so when

life challenges you today

be an eagle go higher


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