most people think that success

is determined by the accumulation of


the money the house the cars and the


but that is not what makes someone


if things made us happy those who have

the most would have the greatest


and that simply isn't the case most

people think success is about


but it's more about peace than

possessions most people think

success is about fame but it's more

about finding yourself

than it is about fame people think


is money but it's really much more than


so much more than that people think

success is a big

house but it's really big happiness

you see what most people usually

associate with success

is not what will make them happy or

fulfilled what everyone is chasing

through these achievements and

possessions is a feeling

they want to feel better than they do

now and they believe by achieving


or becoming rich or buying that


thing they will be happier but things

don't make us happy

only we can do that everything we need

to feel successful was within us

because it is only a feeling away a

feeling of wholeness

a feeling of being complete a feeling

that we

are good enough to be truly successful

you need nothing but that feeling

there's no point

having the possessions if you're in pain

what good is the money if you're


dadavaswani once said happiness

true happiness is an inner quality

it is a state of mind if your mind is at


you are happy if your mind is at peace

but you have nothing else you can be


if you have everything the world can


pleasure possessions power

but lack peace of mind you can never be


so the goal then is not to achieve

although there's nothing wrong with that

the goal is

not to accumulate possessions although

there is nothing wrong with that either

the goal is to master your inner world

to master your emotions to find your

inner peace to find your happiness

to work on you and find the balance of

life that works best for you

go ahead and achieve set those goals and

conquer them

but here's a bigger challenge find inner


find the treasure within the treasure of

inner peace

and happiness that is the rarest gold

on this earth accumulating wealth is

easy in comparison to cultivating a


inner peace and happiness and

considering you cannot be truly


unless you are truly happy why not work

on that

first as a priority the money will come

easier when you are in a better space so

get in that

better space first

wayne dyer said you aren't your work

your accomplishments your possessions

your home

your family your anything you're

a creation of your source dressed in a

physical human body

intended to experience and enjoy life on


master your inner world first then your

outer riches will fall into place

master your inner emotions first so

you're ready to deal with the success

and achievements when they come redefine

what success really means to you

don't chase things cultivate joy

create a magical life from the inside


you will feel like the richest person on

planet earth

as john lennon said if everyone demanded


instead of another television set then

there'd be peace

demand peace and happiness for your life

and you will have it


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