i know you want to change

i know you want better but let me tell

you something you already know

nothing is going to change

unless you change

if you want to change if you really want

to change

you need to make a statement a statement

that says no more

a statement that says never again a

statement that says

today everything is different

if you are serious about change you will

make that statement

not a statement of words a statement of


make today a statement date

nothing is going to get better unless

you get better there is no planet in

which your life situation

magically changes without changing


first but that's the problem with the

world today

everyone is waiting for their situation

to get better before

they get better when this

happens it will be better if only this


then my life will get better the time

for waiting

has passed if you want a greater life

it requires a greater effort from you

make today a statement date a statement

day is where you make a clear statement

not only through your words not only

through a declaration or attention

but through your actions you declare

this is who i am now whoever showed up

before this day

instead moving forward this is me

from now on this is me these

are my new standards and i will not

settle for anything less

than this new standard you are strong

enough to say no

and it's not because you are disciplined

but because that is not who you are


discipline requires mental strength and

you may well have that

but when you change your identity you

don't need mental strength

when you change how you see yourself you

don't need

mental strength you just act like a


you know you are this is your new


and who you are is more important than

all of those

insignificant distractions who you are

going to be

is more important than all those easy


you have to change how you see yourself

you are no longer someone who waits

for things to change you are someone who

gets out there

and makes change happen change your


to who you are who you were is gone

who are you now a statement day

it's not just a statement day in one

area it's showing up

in all areas this is who i am now

this is my new identity i am not afraid

to say no

i need you because i know what is

important to me

that's what you're doing you're creating

a new identity through your actions

you are declaring who you are from this


what statement do you need to make in

your life

what is a must change area in your life

do you need to improve your diet maybe

you make a statement by throwing out all

of your favorite unhealthy foods

throw them in the trash right next to

the binges

because you know you don't want that

poison in your body anymore

maybe you strengthen your statement by

declaring to your family my friends

what you are doing is statement day baby

what are you going to do to shock

everyone today what are you going to do

to shock everyone today shock everyone

including yourself push yourself in one

or more areas

beyond where you've been before set

a personal best contact five or more

people than usual

read for one hour more meditate one more


run one extra mile then if you have more

in the tank run another few it's

statement day

who are you from this moment

declare today the only is gone

gone forever this is the new me the new

me has new standards

these are my new standards and i live by

these standards

i don't need mental strength to say no

to easy options

because i know who i am i know my goals

i am clear about everything i want and i

won't stop

until i get it i will not settle not

one day now get out there and make a



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