if you're searching

for that one person who will change your


forever look in the mirror

if you're searching for that one thing

that one trick or a hack

the one secret that will give you the

life you want

stop and instead look in the mirror

you are the only person who can create

the life

you want it's not anyone else's


it's yours there are some people who

live by this principle

but the reality is most people won't

take that responsibility

most people would sooner make excuses

than look in the mirror

the problem is always out there

it's never in here these are the same


who spend more on lotto tickets then


do their own personal development they

spend more on diet pills

than they do on health food they spend

more time complaining about the reasons

they can't succeed then they do working

for the possibility that they can


it's always someone else's fault

earl nightingale said it best we are

all self-made but only the successful

will admit it we're all self-made in our


fitness and physical shape but only the

fit will admit it

we're all self-made in the joy we


every day but only those who are happy

will admit it we are all self-made


and in every other sense but only those

who like where they are

we'll admit it if i want a better life

i'm not going to sit around and wait for

the government to change the rules

i'm going to get out there and work for

that better life

i'm going to learn what steps i can take

and i'm going to take those steps step

by step

i will climb until i get where i intend

to go

it's never easy but it is very


and it is always worth it i work on


i improve i learn more i

improve i never give up i grow stronger

and that new improved stronger version

of me

creates better results than the old

version of me

i find a way i find a way

to create the life i want

if i want a better body or better health

i know a prescription is not going to

give it to me

i know i can't get it from an


the only way i can get it is through my

own work

in my own self-discipline

i am the only person who can create

the life i want there is no one else

that will ever want it as bad as i want


it's up to me and me alone

and i wouldn't have it any other way


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