i want to share with you a powerful

story about a snake in a song

before you question what a snake and the

soul has to do with your life

it is about much more than a snake

in the soul it's about what happens to


when we react in anger it's about what

happens to us

when we hold on to resentment and when

we don't let go

of negative emotions it's about what can

happen to us

when we want negative things to happen

to others

so the story is this

one night after closing time a snake

found its way inside a home improvement


as the snake slithered around it clipped

itself on a handsaw

it was lying on the ground thinking the

saw was a threat

the snake instantly snapped around and

bit the saw of course

this caused much more damage with the

snake cutting inside

its mouth not understanding what was


and thinking the saw was an enemy the

snake wrapped his

long body around the song attempting to


of course the snake didn't do any damage

to the salt

instead ended up being killed

by the sharp blade of the salt the snake

ended up being killed by its own anger

by his own reaction to something

it thought was out to get it there's a

powerful message here

often we react in anger when we think


have hurt us and when we assume that

others are out to get us

we react when we don't need to we hold

on to resentment

and sometimes we hope the other gets


but in doing so we only end up hurting


the negative energy we carry around when

we hold on to these resentments

and negative feelings only makes us


never the person we might want to suffer

when we're reacting anger

rather than with compassion no one wins

when we snap back we can't win

it is always better to ignore negativity

it's always better to let go of negative

feelings toward others and rather focus

on creating

the best life we can for ourselves

if someone does us wrong rather than

react angrily

maybe we should try to understand where

that person is coming from

show some compassion maybe they are

having a bad day

maybe all of their days are bad when we

look at things from a new perspective

it is much easier to move leaving all

negative energy behind

holding on does nothing good for our

future we must let go

we must move on before the anger

consumes us and ruins us

like a slave don't react

instead show compassion

don't hold on instead

moving and rather focus on creating the

best life we can

for ourselves


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