one day

i got to thinking how amazing my life

would be right now

if all my poor decisions from my


were replaced with the powerful positive

and deliberate decisions

i started to think about the quote

yesterday you said you would start


i got thinking about another quote that

said a year from now you would wish you

have started today

think about it for a minute what if just


what if every decision you made today

was deliberate

what if every decision you made from

this moment forward was one that took

you in the direction of your dreams

not side sidewards not backwards

but forward think how different and

amazing your life would be in ten years

five years even one year or less if

every action you took was powerful

think about all the unconscious

decisions you make every single day

health financial even in relationships

think about things like smoking or

drinking little decisions we make like

picking up a treat

instead of being disciplined and making

our health and body more

important than a brief moment of


why do we both perceive limitations and

at the same time remain in the ordinary

most of us do it because we don't want

to fall out of place we don't want to be

left out

and as stupid as that sounds we tend to

be that stupid

we as humans do not want to sow like an

eagle right

because most of our friends are on the

ground plotting around like headless


they won't fly so we won't fly

we can't say no to a night out with

friends they might not love us anymore

one drink won't hurt right one treat

won't hurt right listen

but it does it stops us from reaching

our full

potential and then we look back on our

life with the worst of all emotions

regret we think things like i could have

done this or

i should have done that but i didn't

what up today you took excuses off the

table and took only positive action

towards your financial goals

listen do you think that it is possible

for you to be a millionaire within one


regardless of your current situation

of course you could of course it is

possible but listen

possible and what you're going to do

about it are two totally different


possible and your excuses aren't going

to dance together

to bring about results

do you not know that there have been

plenty of humans before you

that have become millionaires and

started out from a worse position than


are yeah there have so listen now that

you know it's possible to have

and be anything you want what's your


time is not an excuse most of us sleep

far too much and waste far

too much time there's been plenty of

full-time moms

full-time dads young or even older


that have become abundant in all areas

of their life

so time is not an excuse circumstance is

not an excuse listen

your current conditions is not an excuse

take that first step we get comfortable

living the average lives and we somehow

think that it's easier to remain average

struggling for money to pay for some

bills struggling

for energy to give our loved ones

struggling for

everything except the small initial

struggle to get what we

deserve abundance is there waiting for


just decide commit and remain

disciplined no matter what

obstacles are thrown your way

have a clear vision of the body


happiness and abundance that you want

and commit to

only the things and the decisions that

will put you in the direction of

your dreams

just think just dream what if

just what if i took every step in a

forward direction

what if every decision was powerful


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